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Bicycles and Accessories

Spinz sells quality, handcrafted bikes by Giant, Marin, Foundry, Cult, Stolen, All City, and Eastern BMX.

Bicycle Repair and Maintenance 

Spinz repairs all makes and models of bikes.  We also offer Tune Up packages to have your bike operating at its finest.  Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

Tune up 1 ($45): Includes brake and gear adjustments, as well as lubrication                              of cables and chain. 

                              Tune up 2 ($75): Tune up 1 + truing of front and back wheels.


                              Tune up 3 ($110): Tune up 2 + replacement of housing and cables for brakes                                                             and shifters, as well as lubrication of both derailleurs.

                                                            Tune up 3 extras:

                                                                 -Degrease drive train ($25)

                                                                 -Wash bike ($20)                                                               

                              Tune up 4 ($250): Tune up 3 + disassemble complete bike, degrease and                                                                   clean bike, repack all bearings, and reassembly. 

Spinz offers a wide range of quality complete skateboards and decks from companies like AWS, Baker, Almost, and Mini-logo, as well as skateboard parts.